Blake’s 7: Origins limited edition hardback book box set



The Origins of Blake’s 7 Novelised!

The complete first series of Terry Nation’s Blake’s 7 is today published as a premium hardback novelisation box set for the first time, exclusively available from Big Finish Productions.

The BBC sci-fi classic launched in 1978 – with the first season’s final episode originally airing 45 years ago today – following Roj Blake and a group of outcasts rebelling against the Federation.

Now, Blake’s 7 fans can relive the first 14 TV episodes in a brand-new set of seven hardback books written by seven acclaimed sci-fi authors and authorised by the Terry Nation Estate.

Blake’s 7: Origins is now available to own for just £99.99 (plus postage & packing) exclusively from the Big Finish website. Each book comprises two stories adapted from the TV series, the original scripts and other source material.

The seven book titles and authors are as following:

? The Way Back/Space Fall by Paul Cornell
? Cygnus Alpha/Time Squad by Marc Platt
? The Web/Seek-Locate-Destroy by Gary Russell
? Mission to Destiny/Duel by Jacqueline Rayner
? Project Avalon/Breakdown by Steve Cole
? Bounty/Deliverance by Una McCormack
? Orac/Redemption by James Goss

Producer and Commissioning Editor Peter Anghelides said: “It’s been a joy working on these books. These aren’t just transcripts of the original stories – each of the authors bring something from their own interests and experiences to them. As it’s starting with the very first episode, you can read them all and discover Blake’s 7 for yourself.

“The idea was that they’d be written by people who were known for being Blake’s 7 enthusiasts and to my delight, I got all of my first choices. Even better, everyone got their first choice for the episodes they wanted to write which was almost too good to believe.”

Praise for Blake’s 7: Origins:

“The raw and gritty early days of this classic British sci-fi saga are grippingly retold in this handsomely-presented, briskly-readable boxset of new novelisations. Even long-time fans will find these nuanced retellings endlessly compelling and often surprising.” – Starburst Magazine

“A thoroughly entertaining collection of novellas that expand our understanding of the characters and situations of the universe we met in Blake’s 7’s first year (and a bit). Roll on the remaining episodes of Series B!” – Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Regenerating the first series of Blake’s 7 – all thirteen episodes, plus one pinched from Series 2 – into seven novelisations is a huge undertaking. It’s almost like archaeology, putting something together from bits and pieces, to form an interpretation of the whole… Origins is undoubtedly a massive achievement." – Horizon

The premium hardback printed books are available to pre-order together in a single collection for just £99.99 (plus postage & packing) from These books are not available to buy separately.

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release in April 2023.

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