The third film in the Blade series (hopefully now just a trilogy ?unless they get Guillermo del Toro back in the helm) sees Westley Snipes coast through as the day walking vampire. The plot is nothing special, just echoing the themes of the previous two movies Vampires have secret societies that wish to breed super vampires to take over the world.

In the first movie the ‘super vampires’ were to be generated using ancient ‘magic’. The second was genetic engineering to produce Reapers. This time they want to employ the original vampire (who is also known as Dracula) in order to tip the balance of power.

The presence of Dracula ?or Drake as he like to be known in this film – is a nod back to the origins of the character Blade, as he was first seen in

Through the set action pieces and plodding story there is little to make this film worthy of its predecessors. On the positive side there was the fact that this film wasn’t as blood thirsty of the second film.

Over all worth a look ?especially if you are a Blade/Snipes fan, but don’t expect too much.]]>

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