Being Human – BBC Three

Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony
Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony

So I saw a couple of months ago that the BBC were putting a flat share comedy with a werewolf, vampire and a ghost, well my first thoughts were that it would be some piece of cr*p comedy like BBC Three’s CLONE or at best THE WRONG DOOR. Images of a transparent figure, guy in a black cloak and a guy in a bad panto wolf suit drinking beer ran through my head.

What I was faced with when I dubiously sat down to watch it was a gripping drama that works on a number of levels and had the best werewolf transformation scene since ‘An American Werewolf in London’ take that CGI, real is better.

The characters were as billed: George (Russell Tovey) is a werewolf, Annie (Lenora Crichlow) is a ghost and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a vampire. No dodgy cloaks or special effects though.

Following the three personages of somewhat unusual background we find ourselves confronted with familiar tales of addiction, prejudice and coming to terms with our own selves. But, as there has to be, there is a story arc running through our trios lives that develops through the series.

I am halfway through this series and am hungry (like the wolf) for more. BBC Three – after clone you have been forgiven.

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