Beautiful Danger: The Animated 3D Film


Beautiful Danger: an animated 3D film featuring fantasy, mystery, danger and romance.

Breaking News: Doll Face Animation Film Productions needs your help to bring Beautiful Danger to the silver screen!

The Plot

Beautiful Danger is a thriller that combines the best elements of Sorcery , Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-shifters and Parallel Universes into one exciting roller coaster ride,

It’s a young adult action flick featuring good versus evil, alternate universes, and epic fight scenes, with tons of cliff hangers.

Beautiful Danger is set in the mysterious town of Dark Oak, California, where Brooke Charles is a “mean girl” with magical powers, who  tries to take over the school with her mean girl clique. 

Brooke takes on Kimberly Jesika and her good girl team. 

“Death Becomes Brooke” because she keeps coming back, She won’t take “Death for an answer”.

Kimberly has magical powers  and so does her clan. So it’s a match to the death between Good and Evil. 

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