Battletokens – New Table Top Game Needs Your Help!

Remember Collectible Card Games? Well we do. This is an evolution of the same idea. is a selection of professional quality, 10g poker chips. Each of which adorned with fantastic arwork from the Horror, Scifi, and Fantasy genres.
The ‘tokens’are marked with denominations, like regular poker chips, so can be used just for playing regular poker or other card games. They also have other markings that are used in the BattleTokens game system.
The game is played with 2 players, 2 sets of chips and a set of six sided dice (D6).
The first set, which we have already produced as our PROTOTYPE set, is ready to be snapped up. Based on the HORROR genre we see this first set being highly collectible in the future.
We are looking for contributions through our INDIEGOGO campaign. In return we are giving out our never to be repeated prototype gaming chips.
What do we need the money for?
We have the supply line for the poker chips and are looking to put together a first edition set, and looking to distribute.
Can you help?

Financial Contributions are always good, but are you an artist? Do you run a collectibles / gaming shop? Please get in contact.

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