Bad Taste Trilogy – Online Campaign to get Peter Jackson To Do It

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson

The other day I wrote a post about Peter Jackson. Specifically about what he is doing now that the Hobbit Trilogy has conculded.

According to IMDB his schecule past a new TinTin movie is pretty clear.

The favourite idea in the blog is that Peter Jackson should revisit his BAD TASTE movie and develop this into a Trilogy.

We have looked at twitter campaigns in the past and have seen they can spark the imagination and debate. We would love to get a twitter campaign off the ground and just seed the idea that Peter Jackson should make two micro budget sequels to the original Bad Taste movie.

Again using the power of Twitter and Social Media we would like to attempt a targeted strike to set the seed with the great man and then let him do his stuff.

If we can get enough people using the same tweet someone has to take note. We propose the following text.


Dear @WetaWorkshop please can you let #PeterJackson some time off to complete his #BadTasteTrilogy? Thanks @scifind


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We will update here with further information

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