Following on directly from the the original Alien vs Predator movie the Predalien ?the hybird alien / predator creature seen at the end of the first movie – crash-lands outside a little town in Colorado, it sets out on a slaughter mission, but is soon pursued by a sole Predator who has been sent to clean up the mess.

One by one the town? inhabitants become targets of the Aliens and the Predator and the town becomes absorbed in relentless carnage between these two deadly extra-terrestrial species – with the humans caught in the middle!!

Lets get this straight from the start, I loved Alien Verses Predator, yes I did, despite it’s criticisms and misgivings. In a slightly similar way I liked AVP2, well half of it anyway. The beginning didn’t grasp me, despite the Predalien killing Predators and crashing their ship. Also after this had happened and the film got into the task of introducing the new characters I thought I had started watching a teen horror movie.

The film seems to pick at genres and ultimately not exactly know what it is doing, it only really finds its legs once the film is plodding on towards it’s final conclusion.

Once it really picks up it does seem to go into a mode of aping ALIENS. At the end of the day this seems to be a rather wasted opportunity with what is potentially a fantastic movie franchise (in its own right).

Yes the movie is ok and if viewed with fresh eyes it may not seem so bad, but simply it ventures in to the run of the mill, monster in the woods horror, before descending into a Alien vs Predator bloodbath. Some attempts have been made at expanding the mythology (how does the Predalien breed?) but if they do proceed to make a third film I think it would be a safer and much more satisfying movie if they were to follow the lead of some of the non earth bound comics and novels.


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