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Doctor Who fans can immerse themselves in the world of the time traveller and his foes with the release of the complete boxed set of Doctor Who: Demon Quest. With the TARDIS not working properly, the Doctor, his housekeeper and Mike Yates embark on a journey through time and across continents where they must face the elusive, demonic being who keeps luring them on in their quest. It soon becomes clear that a trap has been laid for the Doctor – can he triumph yet again?

Click Image To Buy CD Doctor Who: Demon Quest Series – The Complete Boxed Set
Format: 5 CDs
Duration: 6 hours approx.
RRP: ?50.00
ISBN: 9781602839588

For those who have been eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Doctor Who: Serpent Crest, the wait is over with the release of Part 2: The Broken Crown. This brand new multi-voice adventure for the 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker, features characters from the classic Doctor Who TV series, written and produced for audio with specially composed music and sound design. With both titles written by the acclaimed Paul Magrs, the excitement mounts to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Doctor Who Serpent Quest
Doctor Who: Serpent Crest, Part 2 The Broken Crown
Duration: 1 hour approx.
Format: download or 1 CD
DL RRP: ?6.79
DL ISBN: 9781408498194
CD RRP: ?10.20
CD ISBN: 9781408468869

For an even more chilling experience there are two horror titles for lovers of the ghoulish. Ghostly Terror is a terrifying collection of classic ghost stories from masters of the genre, by various authors and readers. Amongst the stories are The Beast With Five Fingers by WF Harvey, read by Stephen Pacey, and Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook by MR James, read by Andrew Sachs. Vampire Horror, a blood- curdling collection of short stories with a vampire theme, from classic authors including MR James and Arthur Conan Doyle, will appeal to sci-fi and fantasy fans as well as devotees of classic literature.

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Ghostly Terror
Format: download or 2 CDs
Duration: 2 hours 30 mins approx.
DL RRP: ?9.19
DL ISBN:9781408471562
CD RRP: ?13.25 CD ISBN: 9781408470480

Vampire Horror
Vampire Horror - Click image to buy from AudioGo
Vampire Horror
Format: Download or?2 CDs
Duration: 2 hours 30 mins approx.
DL RRP: ?9.19
DL ISBN: 9781408497814
CD RRP: ?13.25
CD ISBN: 9781408468708

All titles will be available through AudioGo for download or CD purchase through Amazon or good book shops.

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