Scottish Horror Challenges Shaun of the Dead


Attack of the Herbals

Nazis in gasmasks, a foul-mouthed kilt-wearing land-baron, zimmer-frame wielding flesh eating pensioners? what?s not to love?? Scottish comedy-horror ATTACK OF THE HERBALS is strangely charming and never takes itself too seriously!

Jackson McGregor has returned after years of exile to his grandparent?s home in a small sleepy Scottish village, a village where the daily routine consists of eating, sleeping, fishing and drinking tea. However the local?s way of life is under threat from a large corporate retail machine headed up by a monster named Bennett who wants to buy land for a new development.

After discovering a crate of herbal tea washed up on shore, Jackson hatches a plan to sell the tea and save the village. However the new lease of life the tea seems to give people soon turns into a nightmare, and Jackson finds himself in a village of Zimmer-frame wielding, flesh eating pensioners.

Can Jackson save the village, redeem himself and stay alive? Attack of the Herbals puts the Tea back into terror, an outrageously funny horror comedy that is quite simply Scotland?s answer to Shaun of the Dead….

ATTACK OF THE HERBALS – UK Trailer from Showbox Media Group Ltd on Vimeo.

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