Arachnoquake SyFy Monster Movie on DVD


Ah, the Syfy monster movie. These fill that niche of movie and TV production that does not need to be filled, but would somehow now be missed if they stopped.
Not so much chewing gum for the eyes, than the supermarket budget /value gum you would only consider chewing if there is nothing else in the cupboard.

Released on DVD as an afterthought, very much evident as the fades to adverts are very obvious. This, live all others, is a standard monster movie affair with poor CGI.

The plot covers an invasion of giant, pink, CGI spiders. Oh that breathe fire. And the main plot follow two separate related groups, as they live (or die!) up to their popular culture stereotypes. Plot holes and expected set pieced follow.

The cast is made up of the Syfy staple. Those who were once in huge Science Fiction franchises (Ethan Phillips, aka Nelix in Star Trek Voyager, and the new darling of the made for TV scifi movie – Edward Furlong) coupled along with ‘new faces’ (aka unknowns).

I think SyFy need to up their game. I know the budget for this type of production is LOW. But it is possible to make a great, moving, Scifi/horror film on the tightest budget. If they concentrate on getting a top rate writer and not relying on the creature feature genre. Even the bad CGI still costs money. All that money is on the screen, but more of it should have been diverted to the writing. Clever plot and characterisation mean that CGI spiders are not needed, even if they can breathe fire.

Arachnoquake serves its purpose by filling the airwaves and these are often a fun way to spend a couple of hours, but DVD release, really? When there is so much quality output on the shelves?

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