An option you may not have thought of when looking to restart tabletop wargaming.


Like many others I was a big Warhammer Fantasy Battle gamer, painted miniatures, dice, rulebooks and often adapted model railway scenery. Not a computer in sight.

But over the last 20 years I had fallen away from physical gaming goodness, university, career, then kids all made managing an army and actually getting to paint miniatures and play a game impossible.

I am now a bit older (no, not telling) and the kids are a bit older, it is now a good time for me to actually recapture my free time and even involve the kids with my hobby.

I have been looking for a new starting point. There is a crowded market out there and I really need to see what is what.

As stated at the start I was a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Player. I know that Games Workshop had releases Age Of Sigmar, stopping the traditional Fantasy Wargame, to a big thumbs down on a number of review sited (google Age Of Sigmar Reviews!). It may be a good game and just got a bad press. I had looked at historical games and had played Flames Of War a little, but it just didn’t stick with me.

There are a number of fantasy and scifi games out there. Most notable Mantic have a game that closely resembles the old school Warhammer in Kings Of War.

Looking round I have found one game that fills my main criteria for a wargame:

Wrath of Kings

  • Initially it is a very simple game to get started with. There are only 20 pages of actual rules in the rulebook (the remainder is world building and details of unit types/factions), uses cards for unit stats and one dice type (D10)
  • You can play with 10 to 40+ models, meaning games can be as long or short as you want
  • The initial cost is low, rules are free, you get a very mighty army for under £60 (up to 30 models in a Wrath Of Kings Starter Box)
  • The length and complexity of the game is very flexible, from a simple scrap to all out war via story based objectives and motives.
  • Loads of support, from UK specific and general Facebook groups / official forum
  • Manufacturer support – loads via website (free rule/card downloads) rules and printed material will always be available for free
    Regularity of new content- regular releases (monthly from 2016) free rule and supplement releases.

  • More to explorer