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American Dad 6
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American Dad, for those who don’t know, is like Family Guy but different.

Well, when I say different I mean basically the same, but the dad of the family has a different job. The key elements are the same. Family with kids, alcoholic pet (although in American Dad the pet is an Alien) megalomaniac family member (in Family Guy it is the Baby, in American Dad it is the goldfish).

American Dad is created by the same people and run by the same cast and crew as Family Guy (basically Seth McFarlane)

But anyway, series 6 of American Dad is out on DVD soon – below is what you are missing:

Stan Smith, the most dedicated and disturbed CIA agent is back! American Dad Volume 6, the hit US show from the creator of Family Guy, comes to DVD on 27 June 2011 courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
For a man whose main objective is his country?s national security, Stan is kept equally busy by his family which includes his wife Francine, his extremely liberal daughter Hayley, his cocky son Steve, Roger, the alien rescued from Area 51, and Klaus the attention-seeking, German goldfish.

In the latest instalment of the hit animated series from the creators of Family Guy, Stan gets up closer and personal with a race horse in ?Don?t Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth?, Francine hits it off with Jesus Christ in ?Rapture?s Delight? and Roger impersonates the dictator of a tropical island after Stan accidentally kills the previous ruler?
Emmy? Award-winning executive producer Seth MacFarlane once again delivers his unique brand of political and subversive humour with a surreal edge. This new season, featuring Patrick Stewart as CIA Deputy Director Avery Bullock, is loaded with fantastic extra features including extended, uncensored content, audio commentaries, deleted scenes and a ?Making Of? featurette.

Nothing short of comic genius, American Dad Volume 6 and will have you doubled over in laughter from start to finish! Get your copy on DVD this summer.

Release date: 27 June 2011
Format: 3 disc DVD box set
Cert: 15 (tbc)
Price: ?27.99 (RRP)

Audio commentaries on ?In Country? Club?, ?My Morning Straightjacket?, ?Rapture?s Delight?, ?A Jones for a Smith?, Merlot Down Dirty Shame? and ?Great Space Roaster?
Alternative commentaries on ?Rapture?s Delight? and ?A Jones for a Smith?
Deleted scenes
The Making of ?Rapture?s Delight? featurette
?Rapture?s Delight? Comic-Con exclusive image
?Rapture?s Delight? script progressions
American Dad Honors Its Four Legged Friends featurette

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