Ambitious Japanese-Inspired RPG ‘Check: Chapter One’ By Polygon Gaming Coming Soon To PC via Steam


Independent games developer and publisher Polygon Gaming is announcing that it’s episodic PC-RPG Check: Chapter One is currently gathering votes via Steam Greenlight to secure its forthcoming release on the popular games portal. Previously released on iOS®, Android™ and OUYA, Check: Chapter One is just the first in a series of a five episode saga, in which players enter a shattered world with a war thought to be forgotten.


In ancient times, in the realm of the Lords, a competition was held to prove who should be the ruler of said realm. The competition got out of hand, with one Lord creating the world of Nolem, and land far below the Realm of the Lords. When the Lord of Life created the first forms of life on Nolem as a display of power, the Lord of Creations created a more advanced life form that could control the elements. A war came about between two races of people; the Empirians and the Emilians, due to the Emilians ability to cast magic and control the elements; or the Empirians lack of. Due to the war becoming heated to the point that the world of Nolem was shattered, eventually the conflict stopped and the war was ended with no victor, and Nolem was discarded by the Lords as their ‘largest mistake’, and several items, said to be part of the Lords souls whom created Nolem, were left down in Nolem to keep the balance in place of the Lords themselves.


The games first episode of five introduces the player to the first two protagonists, as the two antagonists visit Sky and Apples isolated Emilian home town looking for a mystical item left from the Lords. Main character Sky and best-friend Apple get caught up and learn about this item when two generals from the Empire down to the south of Nolem visit Yuita; Lexine and Zarmen. Sky overhears them talking about a rare item on the summit of Mt Yuita, and due to his nature decides climb to the summit in search of it, Apple insisting that she comes with for old times’ sake. Through this, Sky and Apple get caught up in an attempted revival of the ancient war, starting their adventure and changing their lives forever.


Check: Chapter One is a classic Japanese-inspired RPG focusing on character development. Players must battle against random encounters with enemy monsters, and loot can be used to forge new weapons and additional armory. Learn about, and uncover, an ancient artifact desired by the empire and prevent them from obtaining it. Are you brave enough to control the powers that be, and uncover the games secrets?


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