This really should be on of the worst movies ever made. Really it should. A bastard offspring of one generally highly-regarded SF movie franchise (the ALIEN saga) and one agreeable pulpy franchise (the PREDATOR flicks), ALIEN V PREDATOR has been on the cards for some time. The idea has its roots in a series of comic books and genre eye-brows were raised high when A V P left Development Hell and moved into the studios last year with the comic book storyline nowhere in sight and the reviled Paul W.S. Anderson at the helm. Consequently no-one expected much of A V P but here it is anyway – and I? here to tell you that whilst this movie is really just a big bucks TV movie with ideas above its station, it? a reasonably taut action movie which won? win any awards and won? live long in the memory but it may gave a lift to f ]]>

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