Alcatraz Series 1 Episode 3 – Preview Video Clips


Alcatraz Series 1 Group Character Shot
Alcatraz Series 1 Group Character Shot
Tuesday 27th March 2012 9pm – Sky 109 and Virgin TV 124.

The eagerly awaited third episode of Alcatraz hits UK screens tomorrow night as Detective Rebecca Madsen and Doc Soto continue to try and unravel the mystery of Alcatraz as well as the true motives of the ever-suspicious Agent Emerson Hauser ? currently lacking his right-hand woman who last week was brutally shot and is now comatose in hospital.
At the same time, an even more loathsome notorious Alcatraz inmate coming back from the past ? ?Kit Nelson?, a terrifying child kidnapper who always returns his victims home – after he?s killed them.

The team faces a race against time to catch the man before he kills again. But can they save the youth of San Francisco in time?

Darker and more sinister than last week?s episode, Alcatraz unveils the grittier side of Abrams? acclaimed series, as another prisoner wreaks havoc on modern day San Francisco.

? There are 302 men, right? And they’re all coming back, and they’re all as evil as that sick freak that took Dylan! ?

?Rebecca Madsen, “Kit Nelson?

(Check sneak preview clips from episode 3 here:

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