A Town Called Eureka Series 1 DVD



A Town Called Eureka is the quirky series that has reinvented the sci-fi genre for a new generation and quickly developed a cult following. The US hit has been making waves ever since it aired; making history as the highest-rated telecast launch in Sci-Fi channel? history as well as achieving a Primetime Emmy nomination ?this show? star is definitely on the rise.

Season One is out to own on DVD from Monday 24th March 2008 courtesy of Universal-Playback, so now? the chance to grab your piece of Eureka and maybe improve your own IQ!

The show chronicles the US government relocating the world? geniuses and their families to the rustic town of Eureka, so that they can build futuristic inventions for the country? benefit. Innovation and chaos live hand in hand in a location steeped in secrecy.

The Season begins with U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) stumbling upon this odd town after wrecking his car and becoming stranded. He soon realises all is not as it seems as he witnesses one of Eureka? scientific creations go badly wrong and is compelled to restore order, only to be appointed as the town sheriff as a result. Even though he is dim-witted compared to the super-geniuses that make up the entire population of Eureka he frequently saves the town, indeed the world, from every would-be disaster.

Often the consequences from the genius created chaos spills over into the outside world, including the discovery of a Doomsday device in the episode ?r Nobel? The inhabitants of Eureka are not immune to the oddities that occur in the town, as a woman returns from the dead in ?any Happy Returns?and the residents start losing blocks of time in ?efore I Forget?

The sardonic yet pragmatic hero who has a little too much baggage is played by Colin Ferguson, along with a cast of eccentric geniuses featuring Joe Morton (Ali, American Gangster) and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (I Am Legend); this outstanding cast bring energy and panache to this quirky and unpredictable series.

With its delightful blend of humour and sci-fi, A Town Called Eureka Season One is out to own on DVD on Monday 24th March 2008

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