. ‘HEARTEATER’ will be The Nightmare Factory’s third feature film. The first two, ‘The 13th Sign’ and ‘Dust’, have been well received and gone on to world-wide distribution.

‘HEARTEATER’ maybe the first, great, British horror movie since Hammer went down the pan in the 70’s.

Adam Mason, Nadja Brand & Simon Boyes are sick of the UK film industry. They want to kick British cinema to death and embarrass the industry suits by making horror movies that put to shame anything done ANYWHERE in recent memory.

This is where The Nightmare Factory comes in. Adam, Nadja & Simon have taken it upon themselves to kick the suits where it hurts and drive some life back into the lottery financed coffin that is the British film industry.

‘HEARTEATER’ is just the beginning: With three more fear soaked features in pre-production, The Nightmare Factory is declaring Civil War in a last ditch attempt to pull the British Film industry into the new millennium.

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