The Art of Judge Dredd


The Art of Judge Dredd
The Art of Judge Dredd
Edited by Keith Richardson

Published by Rebellion

Where were you when you first read 2000AD, and what was your first Dredd cover? Whatever the answer, nostalgia calls from this beautiful new book collecting the best covers from Joe Dredd’s last 35 years in print.

From early classics such as the Judge Child to the latest Chaos saga, Richardson takes us on a journey through the development of Dredd as an iconic figure and poster boy for 2000AD. Full page reproductions of seminal cover illustrations are accompanied by commentary from the artists, and sometimes that story’s writer, themselves.

So we hear from Bolland, Grant, Mills, Jock, Disraeli, and many other legendary artists, writers and editors on what makes a great Dredd cover. There are fascinating insights into the concepts that were just too gruesome for the title’s once very young audience, and covers from the long banned Burger Wars chapter of the Cursed Earth saga even see the light of day.

This is a book rich in such treasures, and one that will bear repeat readings, whether to trace the development of Dredd’s chin or the inexorable rise of the title’s cover price (did I realiy pay just 8p for a Prog back in the day?).

So, whether you have a complete set of 2000ADs, or dim memories of classic stories from your childhood, thie is as highly recommended as they come, and at not much more than ?25 from some online retailers, excellent value for all true believers in The Law.

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