? Off Bigfinish Dr Who Audio and More


.Shopscifi.co.uk have just released a gift voucher that can be used (once) by anyone purchasing ?5 or more worth of CDs through their site www.ShopScifi.co.uk between now and the 1st September 2005. Just make your purchases and use the voucher code 5OFF when asked to redeem vouchers.

Shopscifi.co.uk Sells the monthly Doctor Who release full cast audio range with past Doctors including Peter Davison and Colin Baker.
There are also 2000AD CDs with vocal talents including Mark Gattis (The League of Gentlemen.) and Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced).
Just out are the Sapphire and Steel audios based on the TV series starring Joanna Lumley and David McCullum with the main roles recast with David Warner and Susannah Harker.

Just out are:
Doctor Who: The Council of Nicea

Sapphire and Steel: Al Fall Down

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