2000AD – Progs 1803-1804


2000AD – Progs 1803-1804

Published by Rebellion

These two issues of 2000AD (1803 out now, 1804 out Wednesday 10 Oct) see a shake up to the story roster set in 1800. Judge Dredd finally embarks on a new extended story that explores the heghtened levels of fear and hatred between the Sovs and the Judges. In 1804, Dredd spinoff character The Simping Detective moves across from the Megazine to join the main title.

Grey Area comes to a somewhat abrupt end, hopefully to return later so the intriguing set up can be given a better run around, but Brass Sun continues to captivate with its story and unique art style. Elsewhere, lovers of Hammerstein will enjoy his shaggy dog story of a return to Earth.

This swift turnaround of strips and storylines certainly stops 2000AD from feeling tired, and if you don’t like one character, another is sure to replace them in a few Prog’s time. Except for Dredd – but then everyone loves Dredd these days, don’t they?

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