2000AD – Prog 1812


2000AD – Prog 1812

Published by Rebellion

1812. Tchaikovsky’s greatest overture. Now also to be remembered as the Prog (out today, 5th Dec) where 2000AD concluded its finest story arc for many years.

Since Prog 1804, three ongoing strips have told tales of Judge Dredd, Dirty Frank and the Simping Detective in the Mega City One universe. In Prog 1807, these were revealed to be three perspectives on the same wider story, with data on all underground members of the Wally Squad in the hands of a mysterious villain who plots a devastating strike on the weakened Mega City.

Now these three stories come to a thrilling conclusion in Trifecta, a whole issue long strip that opens with a coup among the Judges, and the floating city of Luna 2 threatening to annihilate Mega City One. Our three disparate anti-heroes must work together to overthrow Judge Callaghan, with the help of the mysterious Smiley. Across the thirty odd pages, each character is given their moments of heroism and revealing backstory, and none is short changed in the process.

It’s been a thrilling ride, and one that cries out for a collected edition as soon into 2013 as is practically possible. As for the forthcoming Prog 1813, a bumper Christmas issue with the return of Strontnium Dog and Bill Savage, to mention just two, the next seven days can’t pass quickly enough for all fans of the UK’s greatest comic, bar none.

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