2000AD – Prog 1801


2000AD – Prog 1801

Published by Rebellion

This title just gets better and better – and the mainstream audience drawn by Dredd3D is really making all contributors raise their game further. Next week’s Prog (out Weds 19 Sept) is stunning to look at with wonderful splash pages and panels that equal the best the US houses can turn out.

And the storytelling doesn’t let the art down. Some very clever seeds laid in recent Progs are now being harvested in Judge Dredd, as Mega City One plans reprisals against the Chaos instigators. Meanwhile, strong characters in Grey Area and the lyrical Brass Sun develop well, and Hammerstein prepares to recount his first encounter with Ro-Jaws.

Add a short, dark one off that will make you drive slowly at night, and this is another collector’s issue, terrific value at only ?2.35 in print, and even less now in Digital stores.

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