2000AD – Prog 1800

2000AD - Prog 1800
2000AD - Prog 1800 Cover Image

It’s here (well, on Weds 12 Sept it will be), the Prog that resets all the strips in anticipation of first time and returning readers drawn by the new Dredd 3D movie.

First as always is Joe Dredd himself, up against a deadly laser cannon. The name of that cannon – I won’t spoil the joke, but let’s just say a once hotshot British director must have a red face at the moment.

Intriguing new tale Brass Sun is set in a clockwork solar system, where citizens opposing the ruling religious order are burnt alive in the streets. Only the daughter of a shamed Priest can save society.

The ABC Warriors make a slightly chaotic return, resplendent in stunning photo realistic artwork. Finally, rounding out this issue, is Grey Area, a gripping thriller/murder mystery set around an expanded Area 51, where someone or something is killing tourists.

An instant classic issue, with stunning art and lettering in every strip, of Britain’s best adult comic bar none (Looking at you Clint). Don’t miss out.

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