2000AD – Prog 1792

2000AD - Prog 1792

Published by Rebellion

Next week’s issue is a must if you’ve been away from Tharg’s delights for a while. No fewer than four stories make their debut in the Prog, from a new post-Chaos tale for Judge Dredd (no clue what happened to the cliffhanger last issue) to Aquila, a sort of Roman Equalizer with God like powers and the most striking art style to be seen in 2000AD for a while.

A new Dredd spin off Lenny’s 7 and tongue in cheek exploits of Windsor and Newton in the Red Seas round out the new stories. Available from all good comic stores and newsagents on 18 July, Prog 1792 remains a mere ?2.35 of your Earth pounds.

UPDATE: Comedian and TV presenter Sue Perkins (Great British Bake Off, various BBC comedy panel games) was ‘delighted‘ to learn of her name check in this edition.

In the DREDD strip (click on image below to get full page) her name has been used for the tower block.? In a tweet to the writer of this preview she said : “I never get this excited about ANYTHING (apart from cakes and puppies)” (11:05am, Jul 13 2012).

scifind.com is awaiting comment from 2000AD with regards to this.

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Judge Dredd Debris Part One.

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