Blackhand Warcraft Statue

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Damtoys has officially launched the 4th prop grade Premium Statue – Blackhand, Warchief of the Orcish Horde from the Warcraft movie produced by Legendary Pictures and adapted from the classic video game of Blizzard Entertainment!

Damtoys officially introduced this series of exquisite Premium Statues – the Epic Series, starting last year. This series is produced by best Engineering & Development team of Damtoys, steadfast in creating top quality statues for collectors. Blackhand is the mightiest orc in the Warcraft movie. If orcs were born to fight, then Blackhand the Destroyer is the incarnation of war. He is wearing an armor of bones from beasts he has killed himself. He has everything that the orcs respect, strength, dauntlessness, glory. He is a fierce warrior; his roar alone is enough to instill fear in enemies. He was also an indispensable living weapon in Gul’dan’s attack on the human world.

With an iron fist, Blackhand organized the orc clans into a Horde. The clans once again “unite” and were prepared to attack Azeroth again under command. Based on the movie settings and props, the best team of Damtoys, equipped with top production technology, has produced an exquisite Blackhand statue that is approx. 73cm tall. This highly accurate collectible features hair implantation, antique finishing on the armour, action, expression, the keel and leather rope arrangement, even intricate details such as the scars on the skin and the orc text, as well as the realistic skin texture! The costume is made using genuine soft sheepskin, the complex arrangement of real leather ropes is used for the keel, to maximize the film accuracy of texture and colour.

For the head sculpt, ultra-realistic colour-planting, complex hair implantation, and braiding processes have been used for an even more realistic look and feel for collectors, faithful to the movie in all ways! Damtoys Epic Series Blackhand Premium Statue brings you an all-new experience of stunning visuals! Absolutely not to be missed!