SciFi Anthology

Scifind Science Fiction Short Story Collection – Coming Soon!

2013 should see’s first venture into publishing. A yet untitled anthology of original short stories bound together by a common theme. Scifind is looking to support new talent by mixing it with already published authors.

Not just an eBook, which everyone and their grandmother can produce at the moment, the Scifind 1st Science Fiction anthology plans to have a standard format paper back edition (available through thousands of book stores in the UK).

If you want to contribute to this anthology please see our guidelines below.

Please not, this is not a competition, we are not charging for entry! We will be paying our authors and not asking them for contributions toward the publishing costs.

Theme of the book is ‘Urban Future’ which could range from cities on other plants to Star Trek style utopia or a Blade Runner style scifi noir.

Contributions must be:

  1. 3-4,000 words long.
  2. Original work not published in any form in anthology, book, magazine or website.
  3. Finished. Only authors final draft stories will be considered.
  4. Fitting the ‘Science Fiction’ genre


To make a short story submission please send:

  1. Story Title
  2. 20 word pitch
  3. Word count
  4. Biographical information about yourself.