X Files Huge Complete Boxed Set


.I remember the day when series 1 VHS Boxed set of the X Files costed ?5. I also remember the X Filex Individual Videos for ?2.99 for two episodes (so had they continued production in this way an enitre series would have cost around ?85!

Thank god for complete DVD boxed Sets!

All 9 series (over 200 episodes, about 150 hours) of the X Files are available in a single box for RRP ?00. Look at amazon.co.uk and Play.com for some deals saving around ?5!

The X Files Complete Series Boxed Set Special Features

X Files Season 1:
‘The Truth Behind Season One’ Featurette
Chris Carter Interviews About His 12 Favourite Episodes
‘Behind the Truth’ Making Of The Featurette
Two Deleted Scenes From ‘Pilot’
Special Effects Clips From ‘Fallen Angel’
TV Trailers For Each Episode
DVD-ROM Features: ‘Root of Conspiracy’ Game
Episode Guide
Case Files From Jane Goodman’s ‘Book of the Unexplained, Volume 1’
X Files Season 2:
12 Chris Carter Interviews
9 ‘Behind The Truth’ Special Effects Spots
Deleted Scenes
25 Promotional TV Spots
Behind The Scenes Clips
Documentary ‘The Truth Behind Season Two’
X Files Season 3:
Documentary: ‘The Truth About Season Three’
Chris Carter talks about his favourite episodes
Special Effects Clips with Commentary from Mat Beck
FDeleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Chris Carter
Episode Commentary for ‘Jose Chung’s From Outer Space’ by Director Rob Bowman
and Writer Darin Morgan
Episode Commentary for ‘Apochrypha’ by Director Kim Manners and Writer Chris Carter
‘Behind-the-Truth’ Spots from F/X
Promotional TV Spots
X Files Season 4:
‘The Truth About Season Four’ Featurette
Interview Clips: Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan, James Wong, Vince Gilligan, &
Chris Carter
Special Effects Clips with Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Chris Carter and White Rabbit Branching
‘Behind the Truth’ TV Spots
Promotional TV Spots
International Clips from 6 Episodes
X Files Season 5:
Audio commentary from creator Chris Carter and John Shiban on certain episodes
‘The Truth About Season 5’ featurette
Special effects clips with audio commentary
Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from creator Chris Carter with ‘White
Rabbit’ branching option
‘Behind The Truth’ TV spots
Promotional TV spots
International clips
Alternative audio tracks
‘Inside The X-Files’ documentary
X Files Season 6:
Documentary: “The Truth About Season Six”
“Behind the Scenes” featurette
15 Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Frank Spotnitz
Special effects sequences with commentary by Paul Rabwin
Character profile on Cigarette Smoking Man
Episode commentary on ‘Triangle’ by Chris Carter
Episode commentary on ‘Milagro’ by Kim Manners
Promotional TV spots
International language clips
X Files Season 7:
Audio commentary from Chris Carter on ‘First Person Shooter’ episode
Audio commentary from Gillian Anderson on ‘All Things’ episode
Audio commentary from Vince Gilligan on ‘Je Souhaite’ episode
Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary
‘The Truth About Season 7’ documentary
Special FX breakdowns
Profiles of A.D. Skinner and Samantha Mulder
TV spots
X Files Season 8:
International clips from episodes ‘Within’, ‘The Gift’, ‘Via Negativa’, ‘Three
Words’, ‘Essence’ and ‘Existence’
Deleted scenes from the ‘Surekill’, ‘Badlaa’, ‘Per Manum’ and ‘Empedocles’ episodes
Audio commentary for the ‘Alone’ episode from director Frank Spotnitz
Audio commentary for the ‘Existence’ episode from director Kim Manners
‘The Truth About Season 8’ documentary
Profiles for X-Files characters Gibson Praise, John Doggett and Alex Krycek
7 special effects clips
Promo spots
X Files Season 9:
Deleted scenes from episodes ‘Nothing Important Happened Today’ (Parts 1 &
2), ‘Lord Of The Flies’, ‘Provenance (Part 1)’, ‘Jump The Shark’ and ‘The Truth’
Audio commentary on episodes ‘Improbable’, ‘Jump The Shark’ and ‘The Truth’
Documentaries: ‘The Truth About Season 9’, ‘Secrets Of The X-Files’, ‘More Secrets
Of The X-Files’ and ‘Reflections On The X-Files’
Special effects clips
Promo spots
International clips

On another note The Lone Gunmen – short lived X Files Spin Off series is availabel on DVD from early next year. See Here. ]]>

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