Who Are the Five Best Star Wars Characters?


Star Wars characters are some of the most recognizable characters in history, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t without their flaws. With the upcoming release of Rogue One spin off ANDOR, many fans are wondering who are the five best Star Wars characters? Here is my list of the five best Star Wars characters to help provide you with some insight on your favorite Star Wars characters.

The Enduring Impact of Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is one of the few characters to be a part of all three trilogies and his character had an impact on not only fans but also society. Luke shows that having hope and being true to yourself can lead to success in many aspects of life.

The Surprising Heroism of Yoda

The least surprising thing about Yoda is that he looks like a Muppet. The most surprising thing about Yoda is that in spite of being small and seemingly frail, his wisdom, leadership, and strength are undeniable and have saved the lives of numerous Jedi Knights in dangerous situations. His strength was surprising to me before I knew who he was. Later, when I found out it seemed to be a bit anti-climactic because he had proved himself over and over again.

The Force-Enhanced Genius of Rey

Rey is a gifted force-sensitive scavenger from Jakku, who was left behind when she was five. Her only companion was her faithful droid BB-8, who often found old ship parts that Rey could trade to scrap dealers in order to earn credits for daily essentials.

The Reluctant Heroism of Han Solo

Han Solo is an iconic character in this universe, and there are a lot of great characters to choose from. However, he’s easily one of my favorites. His reluctant heroism embodies much of what I want in my heroes – they can be reluctant, they can be selfish but they’re forced into the hero role anyway. He recognizes how special Luke Skywalker is early on and is committed to protecting him when Obi-Wan won’t give up on him even though it puts Han in constant danger.

The Tragic Villainy of Darth Vader

Perhaps the most fascinating character of all is Darth Vader, his arc is one of tragedy. Anakin Skywalker was a young boy who rose to become a powerful Jedi warrior but later turned to the dark side and became known as Darth Vader. For years he served as Lord Palpatine’s second in command, taking orders from him until it became too hard for him to do so. He finally turns back on his master, saving Luke and dying in that battle.

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