If you’ve been wondering – and you might have done, for all I know – where former Batman Michael Keaton has been all these years, here’s a clue. He’s spent some of his time making WHITE NOISE, the latest spook-heavy thriller undoubtedly inspired by the success of THE SIXTH SENSE several years ago. It’s a reasonable little film and that’s the problem – it’s a little film. It’s hard to shake off the feeling that we’re watching a glorified TV movie with a one-time big name movie star in the title role.

Jonathan Rivers (Keaton) is a disgustingly successful and happy architect married to a beautiful and disgustingly-successful young author named Anna (West). His life seems complete when she tells him she’s pregnant. She goes off to a business meting and never comes back. When her body washes up several miles downriver a few weeks later, it looks lik ]]>

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