Warhammer? 40,000?: Space Marine? game details

The Warhammer? 40,000?: Space Marine? Collector's Edition
The Warhammer? 40,000?: Space Marine? Collector's Edition

WOKING, UK. May 25, 2011 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that it will be releasing a limited run Collector’s Edition for its upcoming 3rd Person Action/Shooter, Warhammer? 40,000?: Space Marine? as well as a robust collection of retail specific pre-order items to choose from.

The Warhammer? 40,000?: Space Marine? Collector’s Edition features a 10″ replica Purity Seal, a glossy hardback art book, the official Space Marine soundtrack, a premium pack of 25 character information cards and a copy of the game, packaged together in a premium box set. The Space Marine Collector’s Edition is available at selected online retailers in limited quantities.

Other exclusive pre-order offers include unique multiplayer weapon and armor skins which will allow loyal Space Marine fans to distinguish themselves further on the battlefield.

* The Elite Armour Pack, only available at GAME and Gamestation, includes the unique Space Wolves, Black Templar, Iron Warriors and Emperor’s Children chapter armour skins.

* The Golden Relic Chainsword, the primary close combat weapon for Space Marines, is available at Play.com, Zavvi and Sendit.com.

* The Golden Relic Bolter, a powerful ranged combat weapon, is available at Blockbuster.

* PC Gamers can celebrate their love of the Dawn of War? series by donning themselves in the iconic red and bone coloured armour of the Blood Ravens Chapter as well as receiving a FREE copy of Darksiders on PC when they pre-order the PC game through Steam.

* Finally PC Gamers who choose to buy a digital copy of Space Marine through select digital retailers will be offered a FREE copy of Darksiders on PC.

Set in the rich Warhammer 40,000 universe created by Games Workshop?, Space Marine is scheduled to be released worldwide for the Xbox 360? video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation?3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC on 9 September 2011.

For more information visit www.SpaceMarine.com

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