V is Back….


….Unfortunatly not a new series, but back on the UK scifi channel.

The appearance of gigantic flying saucers over the world’s largest cities heralds the arrival of aliens from a distant galaxy who look human and act benevolently (JANE ?ALCON CREST?BADLER). Of course, things aren’t exactly what they seem, and when some suspicious humans start to question the visitors’ intentions they uncover a vast alien conspiracy. Soon, the visitors have enslaved the Earth under their fascist rule, and small groups of human rebels (led by FAYE ?MEN IV GRANT and MICHAEL ?ANTA BARBARA?DURRELL) are forced underground to fight for the freedom of their entire species?n


V? gigantic flying saucers are seen again in INDEPENDENCE DAY, and the storage area of the mother-ship turns up in THE X FILES MOVIE and THE MATRIX.

The miniseries is a parable about the evils of totalitarianism and there are no prizes for guessing who the bad guys are meant to represent ?those dastardly Nazis.

This is classic TV and if you have never seen it before now, this is your chance

V starts showing on Scifi UK on the 10th Feburary 2006.

See http://www.scifiuk.com/ for more. ]]>

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