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Universal Playback are releasing complete series boxedsets on DVD

Universal playback, the UK’s leading provider of TV-to-DVD era-defining
classics, today announces the details of its highly anticipated releases for
the remainder of 2005.

From now until January 2006, Universal Playback will reinforce its cult reputation
with the launch of a library–full of new classic TV-to-DVD, boxsets.

Many of the new releases contain never seen before footage, new episodes, extensive
bonus material and limited edition packaging, making this season’s releases
more covetable than ever.


The classic sci-fi action series burned in the memory of all who have witnessed
its greatness.
Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) is a 20th century astronaut frozen in ice after crashing
in the artic. He’s thawed in the year 2491 and enlisted to help save earth from
an alien threat. Buck Rogers in The 25th Century is a show that has it all:
great space battles, hilarious comedy – remember Twiki the robot, and Erin Gray,undoubtedly
the most beautiful woman in space? A must-collect TV series based on the classic
comic strip and movie serials. Buck
Rogers Series 2
is Availaible To
31st October 2005


Leap into another thrilling season of the extraordinary, Emmy?Award-winning
time-travel series, Quantum Leap. Reunite with Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula),
a scientist who never knows whose body he is going to ‘leap’ into next or when,
where and at what moment in time he may find himself. Who will he be next? An
undercover cop. A blind pianist. A harassed secretary. It? up to Sam to
change the history of each person for the better, and hopefully complete the
mission that will someday take him home.

Accompanied by a wise-cracking, womanising holographic guide, Al (Dean Stockwell),
Sam? twisting the hands of fate with each heart-pounding, action-packed
adventure. And now, you can make the ultimate date with destiny with all 22
Second Season episodes of this groundbreaking series ?available on DVD
for the first time ever. Loaded with a time-stopping roster of guest stars including
Michael Madsen, Janine Turner and Chubby Checker, this is one highly anticipated
leap you can? afford to miss! – Quantum
series 2 is availble from the 12th December 2005.


Mastermind Quinn Mallory (Jerry O?onnell) returns for more fantastical
adventures as he continues travelling from universe to universe in the complete
third season of Sliders. Along with comrade Wade (Sabrina Lloyd), physics professor
Arturo (John Rhys-Davies), and Rembrandt ?rying Man?Brown (Cleavant
Derricks), Quinn explores new and mysterious Earths and along the way encounters
tornadoes, droughts, wizards, warlocks and even his own younger self. Featuring
TV? hottest guest stars, including Apollonia Kotero, Corey Feldman and
Danny Masterson, Sliders will rock your world. All 25 thrilling episodes of
season three are here in this 6-disc set. Sliders: The Third Season. Will they
ever make it home? – Sliders
Series 3 is Available To
from the 31st October 2005,

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