“You’re in the middle of a war between Vampires and Lycan’s. . .”

My god THE MATRIX has a lot to answer for. Since its release in 1999, the multiplexes have been flooded with moodily lit, slow mo, slickly filmed actioners. UNDERWORLD is a prime example of the ‘Matrix effect’- black, pvc clad heroine, lots of mystic mumbo jumbo, lashings of CGI, all filmed in a manner that doesn’t present the next beautiful set, it rams it down your throat with some very self indulgent camera moves on the part of the director. Ok, so THE MATRIX didn’t do the last one. UNDERWORLD does. But that’s not the only thing it cant do right. The fight scenes are few and far between, and when they do come, big, loud and bullet filled, there not as half as exciting as they think they are. Each action set piece is all too samey- heroine runs away from big ass Werewolf (or Lycan’s as called in the movie), heroine then proceeds to kill said big ass We ]]>

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