Tremors – All 4 Movies in one DVD Set



Tremors Box Set features the complete collection, beginning with Ron Underwood? groundbreaking first film in this hugely successful series. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as two small-town handymen who discover all is not well in their hometown of Perfection, mainlydue to the huge worm-like creatures who appear from underground and devour the population.

Tremors 2 ?two of the original cast ?Fred Ward and Michael Gross (who plays survivalist and weapons expert Burt Gummer) are reunited, alongside Tremors creators SS Wilson and Brent Maddock, with the former taking the helm as director. This time the creatures ?graboids ?are running riot in Mexico. More comedy mixed with graboid gore ensues.

Tremors 3 ?After 10 years spent travelling the world killing graboids and their mutant offspring, the shriekers, Burt Gummer (Gross) returns to his hometown of Perfection to what he thinks is a quiet life?But guess who? lurking underground?

Tremors 4 ?Gross returns once more, this time as one of Burt? ancestors, Hiram Gummer, in this prequel to the series. With Wilson and Maddock once more in charge, we find out more about the history of the graboids as Hiram Gummer is a mine owner in the old West whose workers are being eaten by the creatures.

Release Date: 5 March 2007
Recommended Retail Price: ?Certificate: 18

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