Transformers The Takara Collection Vol 2


.When the sudden re-emergence of their Decepticon foes forces the Autobot Pretenders, Earth? secret protectors, to shed their human disguises and go to war once more, Earth becomes a battleground that must be defended by its own inhabitants. As the conflict escalates, human beings are recruited by both sides, and, imbued with the power of the Masterforce, become Transformers themselves, merging with Transtector bodies to join the fight. But behind it all, there is an even more sinister force manipulating events, which will culminate in the creation of the most powerful super-robot lifeform ever… the Godmasters.

With the Dreamworks movie now greenlit and in production, prepare yourselves for world domination. And to sate eager appetites for big screen action, this is your chance to feast yourself on the exclusive world release of one of the great lost series from the classic Generation One Transformers archives.

This is the all guns blazing 42 episode 5 disc boxset – Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, Volume 2 of the legendary Takara Collection, and the next instalment after last year? release of Vol 1 ?Transformers Headmasters. Masterforce represents a stellar leap forward for Transformers, radically departing from previous styles of animation, the series presents 42 episodes of heart stopping action, new characters and first class story telling; a genuine stepping point in the evolution of the animated series combining the classic elements of the original cartoon with the new school of Japanese anime. Only ever broadcast in Japan in the eighties, this is the first time the subtitled set has been ever been available.


Features an audio commentary from Transformers expert Chris McFeely on selected episodes, and accompanying episode and information guide booklet.

Presented in the original Japanese dub with a newly commissioned set of subtitles from the original story scripts.. ]]>

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