Transformers are Back In September


.Transformers The Movie, the smash-hit film based on the biggest toy and animated TV series phenomenon of the 1980s, is coming to DVD in an eye-dazzling, fully restored version packed with an arsenal of exclusive extra features courtesy of Metrodome. TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE – RECONSTRUCTED arrives boasting a brand new transfer from the original film negative that has exposed, for the first time, the complete picture image drawn by the film’s animators. This means more Megatron, more Starscream and more Optimus Prime than has ever been seen before! Add to that an ear-pounding Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound option and you have the ultimate Transformers DVD experience.

Features Include: Alternate US/UK Version footage; Cinex colour and exposure check test footage; Final Titles check test footage; US theatrical trailer and TV spots; Japanese trailer; optional Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Autobot and Decepticon Main Menus; Character Biographies; “Reconstructed” Collector’s Booklet; Episode One of the Takara Transformers “Headmasters” TV series; Movie Script (DVD ROM content).

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Transformers Headmasters

Coming to DVD on 26th September 2005 from Metrodome is the single most anticipated Transformers DVD collection ever ?the four-disc boxed set TRANSFORMERS ?THE TAKARA COLLECTION VOLUME 1 ?HEADMASTERS. This exclusive release marks the first time this legendary, much sought after but little seen 35-episode series has ever been officially released in its entirety in the West and features the show’s original Japanese language version with newly commissioned remastered English subtitles, new artwork and a special collector’s booklet on The Takara Collection. Amounting to almost 13 hours’ worth of animated robot action, TRANSFORMERS: HEADMASTERS represents the must-have Holy Grail of DVD releases for many Transformers fans. Further volumes in The Takara Collection, VOLUME 2 ?MASTERFORCE and VOLUME 3 ?VICTORY, will be released in 2006.

Four Warriors From Outer Space; The Mystery Of Planet Master; Behold The Birth Of Double Prime; The Autobot Cassette Operation; Rebellion On Planet Beast; Approach OfThe Demon Meteorite; The Four Million-Year-Old Veil Of Mystery; Terror Of The Six Shadows; Planet Cybertron Is In Grave Danger: Part 1; Planet Cybertron Is In Grave Danger: Part 2; Zarak ?The Shadow Emperor; The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts; Head On. Fortress Maximus!; Explosion On Mars! Maximus Is In Danger!; Explosion On Mars! Scorponok Appears!; Return Of The Immortal Emperor; SOS From Planet Sanora; Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever; Fight To The Death On Planet Beehive; Battle For Defence Of The False Planet; Find Scorponok’s Weak Spot; Head Formation Of Friendship; Mystery Of The Space Pirate Ship; The Death Of Ultra Magnus; The Emperor Of Destruction Vanishes On An Iceberg; I Risk My Life For Earth; The Miracle Warriors ?The Targetmasters: Part 1; The Miracle Warriors ?The Targetmasters: Part 2; The Master Sword Is In Danger; The Zarak Shield Turns The Tide; Operation: Destroy The Decepticons; My Friend Sixshot!; Duel On The Asteroid; The Final Showdown On Earth: Part 1; The Final Showdown On Earth: Part 2.
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