Tom Baker Quiz DVD

What a fantastic idea. An interactive Scifi quiz DVD hosted by none other than the king of British Scifi Tom Baker.

What a pity that this is just an attempt at realising such a good idea.

It is not quite what it says on the tin. I was hoping for a straight forward Interactive Quiz, along the lines of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire DVD game. But unfortunatly this is spoilt slightly by the inclusion of a simple but silly plot about getting home. I just want to be tested on my Scifi Knowledge, not have to worry about spacewarps and worm holes and who’s ship I am captaining.
On the plus side this DVD is hosted by Tom Baker (hurrah) and there is a good variety of categories based on different aspects of Scifi ?ie Literature, Monsters, Robots, Planets. But there are no Movie/series related categories. Best thing is that there is a two player mode, so that you can pit your wits against a mate, or separate into two teams, and end up arguing that the other got all the easy questions.

The balance of questions is good (old an new scifi, TV movies etc) even though infuriatingly I had one question that thought the correct answer was wrong!!! Though there is no difficulty setting, which would be nice.
Presentation wise, although I am not too keen on the silly plot, the CGI is basic- but does the job. The amount of clips is satisfactory (though personally I would have liked more ?but that is just me being picky).

I would like to see a second issue of this game, with more in the way of questions and less in the way of poor CGI and story

In summary this would make a good present for the geek in your life and can make a good evenings entertainment. But watch out as if one of you needs to go to the loo, there is no way of pausing the game whilst it is running.


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