Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz DVD



The immensely popular and ?arger than life?Tom Baker takes you on an intergalactic voyage destined to test the outer reaches of your mind, in Tom Baker? Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz.

Presented by Tom Baker, one of Britain? best loved actors and still fondly remembered as the fourth incarnation of Dr. Who, the Interactive DVD Quiz questions span fourteen different categories, incorporating a galaxy of video clips, music, photographs and classic Sci-Fi quotes to span over sixty years of Sci-Fi history.

The fully interactive Sci-Fi Quiz is chocker block full of clips from a vast range of classic and popular TV shows and films including; 2001 A Space Odyssey, War of The Worlds, Forbidden Planet, Thunderbirds, Serenity, The Land That Time Forgot, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Red Dwarf, Dr Who, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Blake? 7, The Time Machine, The Fly, Barberella and Flash Gordon.

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