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25 years, hardly seems 2

Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin’s much-loved adventure-comedy TIME BANDITS gets a welcome and timely re-release, fully remastered on DVD by Anchor Bay UK on 14th August 2006 to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the film’s original release. A true family film that continues to delight and entertain both adults and children alike, Gilliam’s film is a wonder of imaginative storytelling and brilliantly realized visuals.
Directed by Gilliam and co-written by fellow Monty Python collaborator Palin, TIME BANDITS boasts an all-start cast that includes John Cleese, Michael Palin, Sean Connery, Ian Holm, Ralph Richardson, Shelley Duvall, Katherine Helmond, Jim Broadbent, Peter Vaughn, David Warner and, as three of the film’s eponymous heroes, David Rappaport (The Bride), Kenny Baker (R2-D2 in the Star Wars series) and Jack Purvis (Star Wars; Brazil; The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen).

When young, imaginative Kevin (Craig Warnock) is abducted by a band of mischievous dwarves who mysteriously appear from inside his bedroom wardrobe, it proves to be the first step in a long and fantastical journey through time. The dwarves have stolen a map of the entire universe from the Supreme Being, which details the locations of holes in the space-time continuum. Using the information to jump back and forth through time, the dwarves, with Kevin in tow, plan to traverse the ages looting the fortunes of the richest and most famous figures in history. Their bizarre and hilarious adventures bring them face-to-face with the likes of King Agamemnon (Sean Connery), Robin Hood (John Cleese) and Napoleon (Ian Holm) among others, and see them joining the first and final voyage of the Titanic just moments before its unfortunate encounter with an iceberg! But, unknown to the diminutive time bandits, their exploits are being observed by the spectre of Evil Genius (David Warner), who wants the map for his own typically wicked purposes.

TIME BANDITS is a rousing fantasy tale of epic proportions, featuring an array of dazzling effects sequences and a brilliantly hilarious script by two of the creative talents responsible for Monty Python’s Life Of Brian and The Meaning Of Life.

TIME BANDITS (cert. PG) will be released on DVD (Jbc) by Anchor Bay UK on 14th August 2006.

Special Features confirmed to date include: audio commentary with Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and John Cleese; interview with Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin; archival interview (July 1981) with Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin from Chris Kelly’s Clapperboard; film notes; “dream facts”; production photo gallery; storyboards of missing scene and other storyboard extracts; biographies (Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, David Rappaport, Sean Connery); scrapbook; trailer; optional 5.1 Surround Sound.

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