Third Star Wars Trilogy


.I have just recieved an email asking:

“I have just been informed that as well as the 6 films of Star Wars there are 9 books. I am therefore looking for the 3 books that have not been made into film but have no idea what their titles are. Please help!

An avid Star Wars fan.”

It is possible that you have confused two things.

Firstly George Lucas stated in the late Seventy’s that there would be 9 Star Wars films, the original trilogy as he was making at the time, a set of three prequels (as have now been made) and a set of three sequals.

The three sequals will (probably) never now be made by Georde Lucas. He declared that after the three prequels have been made that there will be no more Star Wars films (he stated this some time in the mid to late 90’s).

To the best of my knowledge no book (or major plot elements) of these sequels have ever been released. BUT there were a number of novels written in the mid 90’s that covered the exploits of Han, Luke Leia etc after the events of JEDI.

Written by Timothy Zahn

These books MAY be the ones you are seeking – they are a triolgy written early 90’s and are set about 5 years after the end of Return of the Jedi.:
BOOK 1 Star Wars: Heir to the Empire
BOOK 2 Star Wars: Dark Force Rising
BOOK 3 Star Wars: The Last Command

I hope that this helps. I suspect that this triolgy of books are the ones you have heard about BUT I cannot guarantee that they are. My wife has read these books (a long while ago) and does recommend them even if they arn’t.
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