Universal Pictures (UK) is releasing The Ring Collector? Edition DVD on 28th March 2005 to coincide with the theatrical release of The Ring 2 on April 1st

The Ring, an urban legend that became a nightmare reality. The scariest horror film of the millennium, The Ring, a remake of one of Japan? biggest ever box office hits and directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mexican) achieved critical acclaim and blockbusting box office success when it was remade and released in 2002. Now, to act as an essential link between The Ring, and the theatrical release of the much anticipated The Ring 2, on general release April 1st 2005, Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd will release The Ring Special Edition DVD on 28th March 2005 with ?ings?an additional 15 minute film that explains what happens to the tape at the end of The Ring plus a whole host of DVD extras.

When her niece spontaneously dies of fright one week to the day after she watched a disturbing videotape full of nightmarish images and learning that she received a phone call foretelling of her death seven days before, sceptical journalist Rachel, played by Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive, King Kong) sets out to investigate.

Rachel tracks down the videotape and disastrously watches it, and to her horror discovers that her small son has also watched the videotape. On receiving the phone call foretelling her of her imminent death in seven days, Rachel sets out to solve the curse of the videotape and attempt to put it to rest in order to save her own life and that of her son.

The Ring Special Edition will provide the viewer with an essential taster to what will come next in The Ring 2.

The Ring Special Edition DVD Release Date: 28th March 2005

RRP: DVD ?7.99

Certificate: 15

DVD extras:

 ?ings?The Ring Bridge Story ?15 min film that sets up Ring 2

 The Making of ?he Ring?

 Don? Watch This

 Ring 1 ?theatrical trailer

 Ring 2 ?theatrical trailer

 Ring 2 ?The Tape

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