The Prisoner 40th Anniversary DVD



Network is delighted to announce the release of one of the most radical, thought-provoking dramas in the history of television. THE PRISONER, starring and produced by Patrick McGoohan, which originally aired on ITV between 1967 and 1968, will be released as a 40th anniversary special edition DVD set on 1st October 2007 ?forty years to the day it was shown on ITV*. Newly restored from the programme? original film elements, this series has never been seen like this before and is a must-have item for all fans of slick and intelligent dramas. This is the only release of the show ever to be endorsed by the show? creator and lead actor Patrick McGoohan.

Acclaimed actor Patrick McGoohan is Number 6, imprisoned in a mysterious location called The Village, rebelling against his unnamed captors and their attempts to extract information from him or make him conform. In a multilayered drama leaving one asking mind boggling questions, this seventeen episode masterpiece explores every concept imaginable: from democracy and freedom to the nature of the individual and revolution. Widely regarded as a fighting political commentary which is as relevant today as it was to people who saw it for the first time in 1967, THE PRISONER continues to fascinate a whole new generation.


  • Digital, high definition restoration of all 17 episodes
  • Dolby 5.1 sound treatment
  • Alternative version of ?rrival? fully restored and complete with music-only track
  • Comprehensive 288 page book written by TV historian Andrew Pixley
  • Original script PDFs including ones never filmed
  • 7 brand new audio commentaries with production members – ‘Arrival’ with Bernie Williams and Tony Sloman, – ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ with Vincent Tilsley, ‘The Schizoid Man’ with Pat Jackson, – ‘The General’ with Peter Graham Scott, ‘Dance of the Dead’ with Bernie Williams, Tony Sloman and John S Smith, – ‘A Change of Mind’ with Roger Parkes, ‘Fall Out’ with Eric Mival and Noreen Ackland
  • Main titles with clean themes by Ron Grainer, Wilfred Josephs and Robert Farnon
  • A major new 90 minute exclusive documentary titled Don? Knock Yourself Out with contributions from cast and crew including Patrick McGoohan, Annette Andre, Tony Sloman, Jane Merrow, George Baker, Mark Eden, Peter Bowles, Robert Rietti, Derren Nesbitt, Wanda Ventham, Fenella Fielding, Earl Cameron, Vincent Tilsley, Roger Parkes, Peter Graham Scott, Eric Boyd-Perkins, Noreen Ackland, Sheila Allen, Ian Rakoff, John S Smith, Leo McKern, Bernard Williams, Robin Llewelyn and ITV chairman Michael Grade
  • Behind?he-Scenes Footage
  • Original edit of the episode titled Arrival
  • Stills gallery including many previously unseen pictures
  • Production documentation
  • Trailers
  • Easter Eggs – Television’s Greatest Hits clip with Patrick McGoohan, Patrick McGoohan audio interview with Roger Goodman
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