The Hunger Series 1 and 2 on DVD


.It started with Tony Scott? 1983 stylish cult horror movie THE HUNGER – the tale of a
female vampire who feasted on the blood of her lovers, starring Catherine Deneuve,
David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. Then came the Emmy Award?nominated spin-off TV
series of THE HUNGER – tales of the dark side that captured, in their themes of power and
lust, all of the style, class and eroticism of the orginal.

Now Infinity Video, distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, is premiering the
uncut, uncensored version of the original television series on DVD for the very first time in two 4 Disc
DVD Box Sets, each featuring 22 x 30 minute episodes. Originally shown by the Showtime channel in
the US and the Sci Fi Channel in the UK The Hunger television series has never been broadcast on terrestrial
television in the UK. Appropriately set for release on Hallowe?n, October 31st,
THE HUNGER- SERIES 1 is introduced by ?0s star and style icon Terence Stamp
(Elektra, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Limey, Oscar?nominee for Billy Budd) whilst
THE HUNGER – SERIES 2 is introduced by pop culture legend David Bowie
(The Hunger, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence), who was one of the stars of the original movie. Also
featured on THE HUNGER – SERIES 2 are some exclusive extras which include interviews
with Ridley Scott and Tony Scott.

This thrilling collection of unique dramas features a host of top names – THE HUNGER SERIES
1 includes performances from the likes of Daniel Craig (Layer Cake, The Mother,
Enduring Love, Our Friends in the North) who stars in Menage a Trois, the tale of an elderly
wheelchair bound woman who still retains a strong sexual drive; Jason Scott Lee (Dragon – The
Bruce Lee Story) who features in the culinary chiller The Secret Shih-Tan; Oscar ?nominee
Sally Kirkland (Anna, Roseanne, JFK, The Sting, The Way We Were), who takes the lead in
Bridal Suite which takes place in a romantic country inn where a dream honeymoon turns sour when
the bridegroom disappears after a night of passionate lovemaking and Margot Kidder (Superman I,
II and III, The Amityville Horror) who plays a newlywed in The Sloan Men who discovers some
disturbing facts about her husband when she meets her in-laws for the first time.

THE HUNGER – SERIES 2 kicks off with a performance from David Bowie himself in
Sanctuary which tells the story of a young drifter who appears at an abandoned prison, bleeding from
a shoulder wound and seeking help from the famous but disturbed artist who resides there;
Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, Star 80, King of the Gypsies) appears in Dream Sentinel where
a young woman played by Alice Poon (Crash, The Unicorn? Secret, The Last Don 2), who is
desperate to forget her tragic past, is haunted by the ghost of a killer who wishes to both protect and
possess her; Anthony Michael Hall (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Edward
Scissorhands, Weird Science) takes the lead in Wrath of God, where following a series of vicious
murders which take place in an apartment complex, a powerful stranger visits the owner claiming to be a
student of evil in all forms; David Warner (Masada, Titanic, Planet of the Apes) appears in
Nunc Dimitis in which an elderly princess asks her loyal servant to perform one final task before he
dies; Brad Dourif stars in Sin Seer the tale of Mano who has the ability to look people straight in the
eye and see their darkest secrets and Jennifer Beals (The L Word, Runaway Jury, Flashdance,
Vampire Kiss) who stars with Ben Bass (The Eleventh Hour, Bride of Chucky) in And She
Laughed which tells the dark story of Jane who is suffering from terrible nightmares. These and a host
of other star names make compelling viewing in these gripping 30 minute dramas that will have the
viewers glued to their screens!

This stunning collection is executive-produced by Oscar?nominee Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Kingdom
of Heaven, Thelma and Louise) and BAFTA & Emmy Award?winner Tony Scott (Top Gun, Enemy
of the State, Crimson Tide), the cinematic brothers whose achievements as directors and producers have
made them giants of both the British and international film scene.
Tony Scott also lends his directing talents to various episodes, as do directors of the calibre of Russell
Mulcahy, Patricia Rozema, Jake Scott, Tom Dey and Christian Duguay.

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