The Fly Collectors Edition




Be afraid. Be very afraid…
Prepare for a buzzing, crawling, creeping nightmare of terror as
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment proudly present the Ultimate
Fly collection, together for the first time on DVD on 29th
May 2006 to mark the 20th Anniversary of David
Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of the classic horror. Including
brand new special editions of The Fly (1986) and The Fly II, this
7-disc limited edition and numbered box set also includes the
original The Fly (1958) and The Return of the Fly PLUS the
long awaited Curse of The Fly, previously unreleased on DVD until

The Fly Ultimate Collector’s
Edition DVD Box Set includes:

The Fly (1958)

The original version of The Fly is
renowned as the seminal monster movie of the 1950s starring classic
horror star Vincent Price. Fanatical inventor Andre Delambre (David
Hedison) becomes obsessed with his latest creation, a matter
transporter. However, when testing the device on himself, a fly
accidentally gets caught in the machine and the scientist and insect
end up horrifically mutated with the head and arms of each other!
Eventually, Andre’s wife Helene (Patricia Owens) discovers the
secret and must kill the thing her husband has become, but can she do

The Return of the Fly

Fran?s Delambre (Vincent
Price) returns in this sequel to help Andre’s son, Philippe
(Brett Halsey) who naively continues his father’s work exploring the
forbidden science of transmigration, only to befall the same fate as
him. Set fifteen years later, the story follows Philippe’s
rampage as half-man, half-fly to seek revenge with his thousand eyes,
killing anybody that stands in his way…

Curse of the Fly (*first time on

The Delambre’s are back in this
final instalment of the original trilogy. This time, three family
descendents are still trying to perfect the transportation machine
their elders failed to… However, things take a turn for the
worse when one of the trio marries a woman who not only happens to be
on the run from a local mental institution but whose meddling
uncovers botched human experiments that have the whole family trying
to escape… with disastrous consequences.

The Fly (1986) 20th
Anniversary Special Edition

David Cronenberg’s acclaimed
remake stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. Fully restored to it’s
gory glory, The Fly has been given the full Special Edition treatment
on DVD to mark the film’s 20th Anniversary. The two
disc set contains ear dropping, never-before-seen bonus material
including an audio commentary by Cronenberg, a 3-part documentary
‘Fear of the Flesh’, featurettes, deleted scenes,
branching clips, stills gallery and much more!

Scientist Dr Seth Brundle’s (Goldblum)
matter transportation project goes horribly wrong when he decides to
use the ultimate guinea pig – HIMSELF! Unknown to Seth, he is not
alone… A fly is caught in the pod when he tries his experiment
and his human DNA is interwoven with that of the insect, insidiously
transforming him into a super-agile, super-strong mutation. Seth’s
only true love, Veronica (Davis), watches helplessly as Seth mutates
into a mere shadow of his former self, unable to control the urges
and appetites that he now feels.

The Fly II Special Edition

A new generation of horror is born
when Eric Stoltz stars as Martin Brundle, the son of the brilliant
but unfortunate genius Dr Seth Brundle. Seth’s matter transportation
equipment has been taken over by Bartok Industries, hoping to harness
the power of his invention. Martin, though only five years old, has
already matured into a full grown man in the clinical environment of
Bartok Industries. Unknowingly to him, the megalomaniac Bartok (Lee
Richardson) plans for Martin to be a specimen in his research. But
Martin has inherited more than just intelligence from his father. His
insect blood begins to take control until he himself becomes a
grotesque mutant. Like father, like son…

This Special Edition DVD contains two
discs loaded with extra material including an audio commentary by
Director Chris Walas and film historian/archivist Bob Burns, a
documentary ‘Transformations: Looking Back at The Fly II’,
alternate ending, a on video production journal, featurette,
storyboards, stills gallery and much more!

For the ultimate in classic thriller
chiller action,

The Fly Ultimate Collector’s
Edition DVD Box Set will really bug you on DVD!

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