Now this is more like it! With the summer season having got off to a distinctly underpowered start with the feeble VAN HELSING, it’s a pleasure to report that Roland Emmerich – the man who lives to destroy the world on celluloid – hasn’t disappointed with his latest effort, the weather-gone-wild enviro-thriller THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

This is a movie which starts as it means to go on. Antarctica breaks apart as climatologist Jack Hall (Quaid) carries out a drilling experiment. When the world’s weather starts to go a bit peculiar – snowstorms in India, frozen rain in Japan – Jack begins to suspect that something’s gone wrong with Nature. Accelerated global cooling is drawing the earth slowly and inevitably into a second Ice Age… As Jack tries to warn the authorities about the imminent danger, Los Angeles is spectacularly demolished by the mother ]]>

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