Ah, I remember the heady days of 1999. You could see roughly two disaster films a week about giant comets heading towards the Earth and still have enough time for a fish supper on the way homeUr something. The good old disaster movie enjoyed a bit of a renaissance a few years back courtesy of the likes of ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT. It was about time too; the glory days of THE TOWERING INFERNO and THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE were a long time ago and the movie industry was in need of an adrenaline-shot of world-in-peril/people-screaming big screen entertainment. And now, after another brief lull, here comes the biggest and probably best of the modern slew of disaster flicks?adies and gentlemen, welcome to THE CORE.

It’s a simple but chilling scenario. The molten core of the Earth has stopped spinning. This has all sorts of terrible potential repercussions for humanity, ]]>

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