Let me break this to you as gently as I can; THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is rubbish. I’m trying to save you from yourself here. It’s not rubbish in a LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN/VAN HELSING sort of way – at least they were amusingly tacky and nice to look at. No, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is a bad film in the worse way in that it really has no redeeming features at all. It’s a film almost entirely without merit, a film so bad that just writing about it is as big a waste of time as actually sitting through it. But you know me – anything for scifind. But this film is dire, desperate, diabolical. It’s the film that puts the ‘chronic’ into chronicles. Now let me tell you why…

It all started with PITCH BLACK a couple of years ago – a cheap Australian SF flick with a big reputation (and iffy box office returns) which took forever to arrive in British cinemas and which made a rising star ]]>

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