Tenth Doctor, K9 and Cybermen figures


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5″ Radio Controlled Dalek – ?6.99

The new 5″ radio controlled Dalek, like its 12″ predecessor, features 360-degree travel, flashing lights and utters the words: “Seek, locate, exterminate!”


2.5″ Radio Controlled K9 Tenth Doctor – ?6.99

The 5″ Tenth Doctor action figure is first reeased a double pack, which also features a radio-controlled K9 with authentic speech and sound effects. On command, K9 can turn a full 360 degrees, his eyes light up and he also has a button-activated gun.


TARDIS Electronic playset – ?9.99

The TARDIS Electronic Playset features authentic light and sound effects and its console is a faithful reproduction of the one seen on screen. Its motorised ‘time column’ rises and falls (with lights) when the TARDIS is in ‘flight’ and it has ‘lift out’ access panels in the floor to reveal the mechanisms and circuitry hidden in the floor.


Action Figures – ?.99 each

The Doctor is dressed in his new signature outfit with long overcoat and Sonic Screwdriver accessory, while a revised Rose Tyler figure is teamed with canine hero, K9. Evil intergalactic warlord, the Sycorax Warrior comes complete with two imposing weapons. The Cassandra action figure shows Lady Cassandra O’Brien, the last human, stretched out on her moving frame. The blue-skinned Moxx of Balhoon is featured on his travelling base while a Slitheen stands tall with full joint articulation and extendable claws.

May 12″ Tenth Doctor figure – ?6.99 12″ Cyberman figure – ?6.99

The twelve-inch action figure range features the new, more deadly breed of Cybermen, as well as the Doctor himself, suited exactly as seen onscreen.

July Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet – ?9.99 Cyberman Animatronic Room Guard – ?9.99
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