Sequels for games are generally better than the originals this is certainly no exception. Additions from BF1 include:

Earn the ability to wield a lightsaber and use Force powers like Yoda,
Darth Vader and many other heroes and villains.

Dogfight in X-Wings, TIe Fighters, Jedi Starfighters and other classic
starcraft, or land your ship on a star destroyer and fight it out aboard
enemy ships.

Battle across Star Wars: Episode III environments such as Utapau, Mustafar,
and the space battle above Coruscant.

The graphics are adequate, not brilliant but not bad. That said the game takes place
on many battlefields and there is always a lot of activity as the two armies engage
with units being blown up left and right and explosions sometimes missing you by
only inches it certainly gives the impression of being in a battle with real life or
death consequences. There are usually nice background graphics such as
transport ships zooming overhead and nice touches such as dead fish floating in the
water after explosions. Little touches such as this may go unnoticed but nonetheless
help to imbue the game with this spirit of being in the heat of battle. The units that
you control are given ample variation also with their uniforms and armour changing to
fit the locations such as changing from the regular Stormtrooper uniform to that of a
Snowtrooper on the Hoth level and so on. By far the most beautiful levels are the
space battles where the planets can be viewed below the mayhem and provide a
momentary distraction as a blaze of colour in an otherwise blackness of space.


The music is everything you have come to expect from a Star Wars game in that it is
fully orchestrated using the classics of John Williams to the full extent of the license. In
all it is nothing you haven’t heard before but still imbue the game with that timeless
quality of an epic space opera that fits the series so well. The troops have tips and battle
cries that are a nice touch also often warning you about imminent dangers so you can
work as a team. Some of the other voice acting is not so good and do only barely pass as their
on screen counterparts. It was with the sound that I experienced the most problems
especially on the Space Battle levels where the game would get stuck on one track
of music and become glitchy, slowing down the games frame rate and producing
an annoying dance music sort of sound that did not fit the game at all.


This is where the game shines. It is addictive and just plain fun. The game allows
you to select a team, either the Republic, the CIS in the Clone Wars or as the
Empire or Rebellion in the Galactic Civil War. Each team is basically the same except
for the skins. The real fun in the game comes through blasting away your enemy and
capturing their Command Posts where you can re-spawn later and push the enemy
back. It does not take long to pick up the nuances of the game and soon you will
be running around the maps completing mission objectives and blowing things up.
By far the most fun comes from playing in the vehicles that litter the battlefields
which possess great firepower and are fun to use.

Another nice feature is that periodically during a battle you will have the option
of using a Hero who is usually a Jedi to come in and wreak havoc amongst
your enemies. These heroes have a certain time limit on the field so that you
don’t feel cheap using them and they can be interesting to play as. The
multiplayer feature is added fun and perhaps is the crux of the game especially
the online features.


This review is of the PS2 version of the game]]>

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