Klingon fan-favourite episodes feature in the beautifully packaged Fan Collective box sets, glammed up in time for the 40th anniversary this year

Sadly this release missed the boat with its November 2006 release date put back to 15th Jan 2007

Celebrating its 40th year in September 2006, Star Trek is still widely regarded as one of the most influential shows of all time. Against a backdrop of stunning special effects, dangerous and intriguing missions and gripping plot twists; the crew have explored the intergalactic depths of space.

Now for the first time Paramount Home Entertainment presents two brand new box sets of the very best Klingon themed episodes as voted for by the fans on These beautifully packaged compilations are must have for any Star Trek fan and the carefully chosen spell-binding episodes will be an amazing addition to any DVD collection.

The STAR TREK: KLINGON FAN COLLECTIVE maps the ever turbulent relationship between the Star Fleet and the Klingons. From their first appearance in Errand Of Mercy the Klingons have posed a threat to The Federation so get ready for brilliant battles, thrilling adventure and pulse-pounding action when they encounters their arch nemesis. This excellent collection covers Trek lore about the Klingons from Enterprise through to Voyager throughout the top ten most popular Klingon episodes, including Errand Of Mercy, Broken Bow and The Trouble with Tribbles.

The STAR TREK: KLINGON FAN COLLECTIVE features favourite Trek stars including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Michael Dorn as well as text commentaries on the four-disc collection. The last in a series of four themed Star Trek collections, the KLINGON FAN COLLECTIVE will be one collection that no true fan should be without.

STAR TREK: KLINGON FAN COLLECTIVE is available to buy from 16th January 2007 from Paramount Home Entertainment UK (RRP ?4.99) Certificate PG. ]]>

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